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January 19th, 2009

12:26 pm - KH - Notes on an Afterlife - Prologue
Title: Notes on an Afterlife
Summary: In which Riku learns that moving on after saving the world is a lot harder than it looks. It’s never a good sign when the guy with no heart is adjusting to normalcy better than you ever could. Riku x Zexion, sequel to “Butterfly Kisses”.
Notes: This is the prologue, which has since been dropped. But I figured I would just put it up here, even though it's no longer a part of the story. Just to show that I am, in fact, alive. And writing. Slowly, but I would really like to get started on this story, and this is a vague attempt to push myself into doing so before law school eats what little is left of my brain.

On the Mystical Properties of HeartsCollapse )
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June 2nd, 2008

02:09 pm - Fic Recs and Quick Excerpt
So have finally done what I have been telling myself to do for the past few weeks, which is to add fanfic recs. There aren't too many right now because my bookmarks are an utter mess, and besides I only recently discovered the brilliance of lj for finding fanfic. Unfortunately, I have not been very good at finding the fics again, as I have spent way too much time trying to find this one Marluxia x Zexion (sorta; it was really for information exchange to keep track of what each group was doing in Castle Oblivion) fic and failing utterly at it.

Thus I have decided to start keeping better track of good lj fic, and in the process make a recs category in my memories. I might add an entry sometime for fic links, but not at the moment.

I would try to make up for this relatively pointless entry by putting fic in it, but unfortunately the only thing I have handy is a really, really badly written LexZex drabble that needs to be burned immediately. So you can have an excerpt from one of my in-progress fics instead. It's a Xehanort flashback-scene from the days in Radiant Garden.

Dilan had been questioning if the long-held belief that the heart is an instrument of light was really true… after all, isn’t it the heart’s deepest desires the reason why people throw morals away?Collapse )
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May 9th, 2008

06:06 pm - KH - Bare
Title: Bare
Summary: It’s easy to see where people stand when they are stripped bare of all pretenses.
Pairings: Some vague hinting at LexZex. The rest should be a bit more obvious.
Warnings: Non-graphic non-con, dark content. Not quite work-safe.
Notes: Many, many thanks to Coffee-Flavored Fate for beta-ing this.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

...it is so much more effective to be directCollapse )
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May 4th, 2008

10:56 pm - KH - The Flip Side
Because I need to rant about this somewhere, and a writing journal seems as good a place as any since this is my current fic project.

Anyhow, as I've mentioned a couple times in my normal journal, working on a really long fic project. I finally got the outline done today which is very good, since I was sorta working off of broken scenes that were more or less placed in the order I wanted them in, but I was having trouble keeping the timeline straight. So outline helped with that, especially with the flashback sequences.

Anyway, story is called "The Flip Side" and is most likely going to be posted under my alt. pen name. I haven't decided if I'm going to subject the beta to the story. It's a Riku-Zexion-Xehanort story, not really as couplings although there's loads of one-sided Xehanort x Zexion. I haven't decided on the Riku x Zexion. Riku keeps pushing for it, Zexion doesn't. But he's an apathetic emo bitch, so it's hard to see where things are going to go.

The story itself is 13 chapters, plus an epilogue. I think. I was considering collapsing a chapter, but then I got this really good draft of a conversation between Xehanort, Mickey, and Riku that will probably extend itself to 3,000 words by the time I get around to writing it in post-able form. Which is the problem with this story. Everything seems to be getting extended to insane lengths.

Case in point. The story's word count is already over 30,000 words. Of this, about 19,000 words are for two and a third chapters. The other 11,000 words is for draft scenes of the remaining eleven and two third chapters. Chapter one was about 6,200 words while chapter two is standing around 9,400 words. Chapter three isn't done but the first scene is already nearly 3,700 words, and there's still a flashback sequence and a Riku scene to write. I don't really understand why this story is getting so long because usually the longest scene I write is about 2,000 words, but this story seems to becoming a bit of a monster. I'm honestly afraid of getting to the end because I'll probably go back and find out I've written about 100,000 words of pure drivel, and then I will cry over all the time I could have been using to get Zack laid in Crisis Core study.

Anyway, plot-wise the story's a what-if of when Zexion confronted Riku in the false Destiny Islands. But instead of Riku learning not to be an emo bitch, he gets taken over by Xehanort who decides to pick up Zexion as a part of his harem and they run off into the sunset. Okay, so that last part isn't quite accurate, but whatever. Story then turns to Riku occasionally regaining control over his own body, and Zexion decides to help him out because he doesn't want to be a part of the harem. Or something like that. And then the other half of the story is Zexion trying to keep Xehanort from finding out about Riku, as well as keeping his skin intact (but not really succeeding about 99.99% of the time).

Then there are the freaking flashback sequences where I vaguely go into the events leading up to the destruction of Radiant Garden from Xehanort's perspective, and the story has sorta decided to just implode on itself or something.

But whatever happens, this story is going to be very, very bad for my brain. I hope to get enough done by the end of the month to start posting. Which is less likely than it should be considering how the chapters keep growing in length, although the good thing is that with the outline I am organized enough with the flashbacks to not be so confused by them, since their timeline was getting a little messy.

But yeah. What was the point of this story? Mostly me bitching at myself for letting this story get so long. It really shouldn't be, but the characters keep right on going when I want them to stop. Plus it's such a tricky topic so I want to devote as much time as necessary to getting it right so the story itself doesn't seem half-assed.

So in conclusion, might be in your best interest to avoid this fic when I finish.

I don't even like Riku. Why the hell do I keep writing about him?! I need to write some LexZex fluff or something. Or XigZex. Or something that is not completely emo and drama-filled. Man, I remember the good ol' YGO days where all the drama was around a stupid business proposal. WTF, brain? WTF?!
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April 27th, 2008

11:05 pm - KH - Crow's Nest
Title: Crow's Nest
Coupling: Demyx x Zexion
Status: Dropped

And here is the biggy. And by biggy I mean there's actually quite a bit I had for this story, which is why it sorta sucks that I decided to drop it. But no matter how I tried, the characters wouldn't work for me. I guess I still just don't understand this coupling. Zexion wouldn't be Zexion when I needed him to be, and that just started to annoy me.

The stuff that I wrote in bits and pieces wasn't actually that bad, since I wasn't taking it too seriously. But part of it also was that a lot of the future scenes had little interaction between the two; it was just starting to go into crazy plot stuff.

So here is all the stuff I had for it. Again, notes are in bold.

Zexion just missed walking into the wall. Unfortunately, this was because he had walked into a table first.Collapse )
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10:45 pm - KH - Blush
Title: Blush
Pairing: Leon x Zexion
Status: Dropped

Since I have a rather odd tendency of writing scenes as they come to mind, usually in the form of short paragraphs/broken scenes before I flesh them out properly, here is everything I had for "Blush" that wasn't posted on FF.net.

For the sake of coherency, there's explanatory notes (in bold) on everything. Unfortunately there's not much for this fic, since the main reason it was dropped was the decided lack of plot. >.>;;

The door slammed open just as Axel let out a death scream and jumped out the window. By the time Lexaeus and Vexen reached the window, Axel was legging it across the palace grounds, albeit with a slight limp.Collapse )
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April 26th, 2008

12:40 pm - KH - Assistance Not Required
Title: Assistance Not Required
Summary: Xigbar tries to cheer Zexion up. Sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut, especially if you want to hang on to your remaining eye.
Pairing: Xigbar x Zexion-ish
Word Count: 1,620
Notes: Just a quick drabble. Well, drabble by my standards, at least. Wrote it while waiting for class to start, at the airport, and at home whilst plagued with a headache. So not about to be very coherent, in other words…. Anyway, I've been sitting on it for a while so I thought I should finally post it since there's not much else to do with it. It's not like it was meant to be a work of art.

And just as a FYI, the lol on the icon is short for 'Lump o' Lard'. Because that's what seals are. *nods sagely*

Well that isn't very ladylike.Collapse )
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February 9th, 2008

01:47 pm - Star Ocean - 30 Kisses Theme 1: Oranges
Doing this on a whim; no idea if it will be able to pan out.

30 Kisses – Cliff x Albel
Theme: Sweet

1. Oranges

Albel's Weird FetishesCollapse )
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November 15th, 2007

12:32 pm - Seventh Year Anniversary Requests - Closed!
As it is now my... seventh year anniversary on Fanfiction.net (yes, that's me crying in the background right now), I'm taking requests again. :)

The usual rules apply. Give me a fandom, character/coupling, and prompt, and apologies in advance but there's no guarantee I'll ever finish it. There's requests from last year that are still sitting in my computer, batting their eyelashes at me.

The number of fandoms I'm taking requests for has been severely limited this year, in the hope that I might actually be able to write all of them this time by doing so. D: So here goes:

Final Fantasy VII (possibly VI, VIII, or IX as well, but request a back-up in case)
Kingdom Hearts
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Of course, you're still welcome to shoot me a request if you think I can do it, but I'm not guaranteeing anything. :P I think you guys all know how bad my track record is, especially when it's a fandom I haven't written for in a long time!


Right now, it's really looking like the possibility of me writing ANY requests is zero and zilch, thanks to complete and utter brain-deadness on my part. I apologize profusely for this fact; hopefully I will be able to come up with something, but at this rate I must sincerely doubt it. D:
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November 4th, 2007

10:59 pm - TRC - Moment
Title: Moment
Summary: Kurogane can only count the days go by as he waits for Fay to awaken. For the kuroxfai lj community Autumn Challenge.
Disclaimer: Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE is the creation of CLAMP.
Notes: I literally started this when chapitre 120 came out. That was over a year ago, and sometimes I swear this fic is simply adverse to the idea of getting written. Either that or it’s because I’ve sort of been out of the Tsubasa fandom since I finished “Sacrifice”, and it’s been difficult finding the willpower to get back to this fic. The recent chapters have really not been helping, since the angst overload is honestly starting to drive me a little nuts.

But enough excuses. This is definitely an AU fic, veering off from the series after chapitre 120. So it is highly advisable that you have read up to that point, but nothing after that point is required. In fact, it is probably better if you suspend your knowledge of what happens after chapitre 120, as that would explain why I don’t explain the approximately eight-hundred plot holes that pop up because of information in future chapitres not being incorporated here… like, say, real!Syaoran being transported to Acid!Tokyo….

And of course, many, many thanks to Sahara-sweetie, for braving my insipid whining to beta this. *hugs*

With nothing better to do, he counts the seconds.Collapse )
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